The ACG Procedure

The ACG Procedure, which has been developed by Sonovum AG and is based on proprietary patents, is a supplement and alternative method for high-radiation and cost-intensive procedures like MRI or CT.

The ACG Procedure

AcoustoCerebroGraphy (or ACG) is a non-invasive, radiation-free transcranial acoustic method with no side effects, which spectroscopically examines cellular and molecular brain structure.
Physically, it is based on the molecular acoustics method. 1,2,3

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The use of Computer Aided Multispectral Ultrasound Diagnostics (CAMUD) technology has been only made possible in the medical field through the rapid development of computer technology in recent years.

Areas of application

Extracts from relevant studies and publications

Olszewski et al: "The novel non-invasive ultrasound device for detecting early changes of the brain in patients with heart failure", European Journal of Heart Failure 2016, Volume 18, Issue Supplement S1

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Dobkowska-Chudon et al: "Utilizing Comparison Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Acoustocerebrography Signals in the Assessment of Focal Cerebral Microangiopathic Lesions in Patients with Asymptomatic Atrial Fibrillation (Preliminary Clinical Study Results)", EAA 2016 Congress, Jastrzębia Góra, Poland

in: Archives of Acoustics 2016, Volume 41, Issue 2

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Wrobel et al: “On ultrasound classification of stroke risk factors from randomly chosen respondents using non-invasive multispectral ultrasonic brain measurements and adaptive profiles”, Biocybernetics and Biomedical Engineering 2015, Volume 35, Issue 4

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Bogdan et al: Computer Aided Multispectral Ultrasound Diagnostics Brain Health Monitoring System based on Acoustocerebrography, Conference Paper submitted for MEDICO 2016, Cyprus

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Wrobel et al: “A New, Non-Invasive Method for the Monitoring of Alteration of Physiological Parameters in Brain”, IUPS 2001 Congress, Christchurch, New Zealand

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Wrobel et al: “Exploitation and Usage of Signal Evaluating Concept of Nature Ultrasonic Data Acquisition and Neural Network Signal Processing”, The Journal of the Acoustical Society of America February 1999 Volume 105, Issue 2, p. 1251

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Wrobel: “Simulation of Mustached Bat Biosonar System and its Practical Applications”, 2nd Bilateral Polish-German Symposium on Ultrasonic Measurement Technics in Science and Practice, 1994

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M. Wrobel et al: “Advanced ultrasonic interferometer and method of non linear classification and identification of matter using same”, US 7,878,062 B2 (US Patent), June 27, 2011 WO 2007/000047 A1 (World Patent), June 26, 2006

M. Wrobel: “Verfahren zur Untersuchung eines Mediums”, DE102009019497B4 (DE Patent), July 07, 2014

M. Wrobel: “Method for examining a medium”, US000008272269B2, (US Patent), Sept. 25, 2012

M. Wrobel et al: “Non-invasive monitoring of intracranial dynamic effects and brain density fluctuations”, US000007854701B2 (US Patent), Dec. 21, 2010

M. Wrobel et al: “Device for determining the change in the density of a medium”, EP000001303745B1 (EU Patent), June 21, 2006

M. Wrobel et al: “Method and device for correcting organ motion artifacts in MRI systems”, US000006894494B2 (US Patent), May 17, 2005

M. Wrobel et al: “Apparatus to study and classify liquids and gases, e.g. beer, has an ultrasonic signal”, DE000010324990B3 (DE Patent), Nov. 04, 2004

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1 Schaaffs, 1963, “Molekularakustik – Eine Einführung in die Zusammenhänge zwischen Ultraschall und Molekülstruktur in Flüssigkeiten und Gasen”
2 Matheson, 1971: Molecular Acoustics
3 Hellwege (Hrg.), Schaaffs (Autor): Landolt-Börnstein (Band) – Numerical Data and Functional Relationships in Science and Technology, Volume 5 Molecular Acoustics; Jan. 01, 1967
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